Brian Williams: TV Reporter Was NOT Peeing In Snow! (VIDEO)

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Brian Williams Reporter Peeing Snow

By Michael Lewittes


Brian Williams Reporter Peeing Snow


Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was caught “urinating in the snow” on live TV, Us Weekly and a bunch of other outlets wrongly reported in recent days. According to the speculation, Seidel was allegedly caught relieving himself during a live shot on “NBC Nightly News” over the weekend.

Except that’s not what happened at all. Seidel had his back turned to the camera and anchor Lester Holt because he had lost contact with the NBC control room while reporting on a snowstorm. He had taken off his gloves to redial his cell phone, which was tethered to his ear. That’s what led to the unconventional TV news visual.

Brian Williams explained what happened on Monday’s broadcast, saying, “social media owes our friend Mike Seidel an apology” for making it seem as though he was “writing his name in the snow.” More than two hours after Williams cleared up what had happened, Us Weekly giddily reported the version of the story in which Seidel was urinating.

The outlet wrote, “While the camera focuses on Seidel’s back for a couple seconds, a voice off-camera can be heard yelling, ‘Mike, turn around!’ A seriously unaware Seidel then turns while appearing to zip up his pants and asks ‘Why?'” Us Weekly further states that Holt “looks hilariously shocked once he realizes what may have happened.”

We’ll be “hilariously shocked” when Us Weekly and other unreliable outlets stop pissing on the truth just to get more traffic to its site. Check out Williams’ explanation of what happened with Seidel in the video below.


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