Donald Trump Fired Bret Michaels From Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars Because He Never Wanted Him On Show?

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By Daniel Gates


Donald Trump fired Bret Michaels from “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars” last week because of a “nasty battle” behind the scenes, according to RadarOnline. The webloid claims Michaels’ dismissal from the show happened because “Trump was gunning for Bret from the start.” Why?

“Donald wanted Bret to come back as a judge on the show, which he refused to do,” a so-called “source” tells RadarOnline, explaining, “Bret wanted the money he would get as a contestant, not as a judge.” According to the blog’s insider, “Donald only wanted Bret as a judge. He did not want to have him back as a contestant but the show’s producers basically forced him into having Bret back.”

“They couldn’t force him to keep Bret around so he got rid of him the first opportunity he had,” explains the site’s source. “It is Donald’s show and he is going to run it the way he wants to.” If RadarOnline’s complete lack of logic sounds baffling, that’s because it is. The site is simultaneously arguing that Trump’s producers overpowered him and forced him to cast Michaels as a contestant… except Trump is the ultimate decision-maker, runs the show “the way he wants to,” and therefore fired Michaels as soon as possible.

This makes zero sense. A source close to Michaels agrees, telling Gossip Cop that RadarOnline’s version of events is “crazy.” We’re assured that while the rocker indeed could have come back as a judge, he “wanted to go back to raise more money and awareness for his charity” as a contestant.

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