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Famous Mag Makes Bogus ‘Breaking Dawn’ Delay Claim

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By Daniel Gates

(Little, Brown)

We’re sure Famous magazine is good at some things.

Careful reporting about The Twilight Saga and its stars just isn’t near the top of the list.

The cast and crew on Breaking Dawn have been “left reeling,” declares the tabloid.

There is “confusion & anger” as “filming on Breaking Dawn is cancelled,” according to the mag’s cover.

Inside, the story explains that production “has been postponed for almost a month,” and insiders are supposedly “warning of further delays.” “It was expected that filming would begin in early October but it keeps being pushed back,” claims a “source.” “For what seems like a million reasons, we’re struggling to begin work again.”

What we love most about this piece is that there are supposedly “a million reasons” production is allegedly postponed — and Famous can’t name one.

There are vague references to the actors’ “busy work schedules” and “losing interest” in the material… and that’s about it.

Should we believe Famous?

The same outlet that claimed Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were embroiled in a major feud? And that Lautner and Kristen Stewart were “caught” in a secret affair? And that Stewart was despised by everyone on the Eclipse set? And that Pattinson confirmed to the U.S. media a breakup with Stewart?

Pardon our skepticism.

Gossip Cop spoke with a source close to the production, who calls the Famous story “not true in the slightest.”

“There are no delays,” we’re assured. “The actors arrive on set in October for rehearsal, hair and make-up tests, etc.” Shooting begins in November, and “this has always been the plan.”

“There may be some confusion because actors have said in interviews that they start in October,” explains our insider. “Prep for the actors starts in October, [but] production has always been scheduled for November.”

Sounds like the only ones angry, confused and “left reeling” are at Famous magazine.

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