CLAIM: Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper “Caught In The Act!”

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Bradley Cooper Zoe Saldana

By Daniel Gates

Bradley Cooper Zoe Saldana

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There’s a new rumor making the rounds – thanks to RadarOnline and Star magazine – claiming Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper were “recently spotted getting hot and heavy!” According to Star, Saldana and Cooper were “acting like two high school kids going steady” at an unidentified New York club.

“They were in a group of about 20 people, but it was obvious from the start what was going on between Zoe and Bradley,” a so-called “eyewitness” tells the tabloid. “They were casting sexy smiles at each other, and every time they were within arms reach, they made sure to give each other a sneaky little rub on the shoulder or hip.” The Star source adds, “It was like they were sharing naughty little moments.” Fascinating.

First of all, we love the idea that all of these sneaky little moments were seen only by Star‘s spy in the midst of the big group’s club get-together. More importantly: when did all of this supposedly happen? According to the tabloid, back on… September 16. Wait, what? Why is an “eyewitness” suddenly talking about PDA between Saldana and Cooper more than two months after it allegedly went down?

Well, Star and Radar seem to imply that Saldana’s split from longtime boyfriend Keith Britton earlier this month might somehow be related to this rendezvous with Cooper. But here’s the actual chronology of events. Last June, Star tried – and failed – to connect the romantic dots between Saldana and Cooper.

Now that she and Britton are over, the magazine is again trying to link them, desperately going back 10 weeks to assign some retroactive romance to that group club outing of 20 people in September. There was nothing between Saldana and Cooper last spring, in September, or now. A rep for Saldana assures Gossip Cop that the story is totally fabricated, and says she and Cooper have been – and continue to be – good friends.

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Bradley Cooper and Zoey Saldana were caught all over each other.

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