No Heat to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s London “Cold War” Rumor

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By Daniel Gates


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s stay in London has the tabloids in a fog. According to OK!, the two stars “have lived largely separate lives” while Pitt films World War Z, waging an alleged “cold war.”

“They’re at the Dorchester Hotel, but Brad is barely there,” the magazine quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, adding that they’re “at each other’s throats.” How bad is it? “They’ve gone from seriously planning a wedding to ice cold,” explains the “insider.”

Hold up. They were never planning a wedding. We repeat: They were never planning a wedding. Just for laughs, what does OK! say caused this tension?

Supposedly, Jolie’s possessiveness and jealousy over Pitt’s flirtatious behavior with a World War Z crew member. Um, wait. There was no on-set flirting. We repeat: There was no on-set flirting.

So we have a tabloid pretending a phony fight over a fake flirtation is threatening a non-existent wedding. Not even OK! believes its own garbage, which is why the magazine ends the story with a “source” suggesting that the supposed “cold war” will end.

“They look at each other and their physical attraction is so strong. And they look at the beautiful family they’ve built together,” says the tab’s source. “Ultimately, they realize what they have to lose, and it isn’t worth it.” And OK! isn’t “worth” the paper it’s printed on.

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