Brad Pitt “Cracking” After Angelina Jolie Abandons Him?

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By Daniel Gates


Like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, In Touch pursues its prey with great desperation, only to fail comically again and again.

The magazine’s favorite targets – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – have returned this week, with In Touch claiming that Pitt is “cracking under the pressure” of work and child care while Jolie spends time on humanitarian missions. “Looking exhausted and overwhelmed on the Hungarian set of his new film, World War Z,” Pitt supposedly “was seen exploding” at the director when a shoot took to long, according to In Touch.

He allegedly yelled, “We don’t have the leisure to waste any time” and cited “Angie” as the reason. The tabloid insists it’s been “one mishap after another” for Pitt ever since he arrived in Hungary, citing the recent SWAT raid on the set and daughter Vivienne falling ill.

Amid the chaos, says In Touch, Jolie left the family for a United Nations-related trip to Libya. “It’s all too much for Brad,” explains the article, adding that he’d been given “a dose of false hope” over the summer when Jolie’s schedule was less hectic. But when Pitt supposedly “begged her to stay home for an extended period” given his own professional commitments, “she refused.”

Now the family could possibly be in Hungary through Christmas, worries In Touch, and “unless Angelina becomes more supportive, stressed-out Brad will surely be praying for a miracle.” Uh-huh. It actually seems to be In Touch that throwing a Hail Mary with the couple, week after week, hoping something will stick.

At various times, according to the tabloid, Jolie is too cold as a mom and too hot as a lover… there are secret weddings and secret betrayals… the kids are bullies and brats… and, through it all, the couple seem perfectly happy, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, regardless of commitments. A source close to Pitt and Jolie laughs off the most recent In Touch whiff, telling Gossip Cop the family is busy but stable, as always.

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