CLAIM: Brad Pitt “Cheating” On Angelina Jolie With Cigarettes

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By Daniel Gates


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“Totally fed up and sickened by Brad Pitt’s constant cheating and brazen lies, Angelina Jolie finally exploded and told her lover: ‘I’ve begged you to quit your nasty habit, and you promise you will. But then you sneak off, cheat again — and worse, lie about it! Well, I can’t stand a liar, so here’s the deal — I’m now giving you my permission to cheat!'” reports the National Enquirer.

Oh, boy, here we go. According to the outlet, Jolie is upset about Pitt lying and cheating… with cigarettes. A so-called “family source” tells the Enquirer, “Angie raged to Brad that he’s always promising to quit his nasty habit — which is nicotine — then he sneaks off, smokes cigarettes on the sly… and LIES to her about it.”

The tabloid’s insider isn’t quite done talking. “Angie’s fed up with all the deceitful behavior,” adds the Enquirer tipster. “She’s sick and tired of nagging Brad to stop smoking. And every time he promised he had, she’d catch him in the lie — because she could smell smoke on his hair.”

This “quote” still isn’t over. The source continues, “And his breath always smelled like mouthwash and minted gum, a dead giveaway. Finally, she told him she’d rather have him smoke than lie to her. Embarrassed, Brad promised he’ll eventually give it up, but Angie told him she just doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.”

We don’t want to hear about the Enquirer and its Jolie and Pitt “sources” anymore. The tabloid is constantly publishing demonstrably false stories about them. It’s tiresome. How can any outlet be this often?

Regardless, Gossip Cop asked about Pitt’s alleged “cheating” with cigarettes, and we’re told it’s “totally wrong.” We’re assured the couple has not been fighting.

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