CLAIM: Brad Pitt Banishes Angelina Jolie from New Orleans

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By Daniel Gates


“After spending some quality time with Angelina Jolie and their six children on the New Orleans set of his new film, Cogan’s Trade, Brad Pitt is alone again – and he couldn’t be happier,” claims In Touch. The magazine, which writes so much fiction even Stephen King would be impressed, is up to its old tricks with Brangelina – specifically, being completely wrong about the couple.

In Touch‘s “insider” alleges that the “real reason” Jolie and the kids departed for Los Angeles “was that she’d overstayed her welcome.” According to this source, Jolie “was a real distraction” for Pitt during her visit. How so?

Well, claims In Touch, Pitt often felt like Jolie was “checking up on him” to make sure he wasn’t sneaking cigarettes or flirting with other actresses. Pitt supposedly became so fed up with Jolie, “he had no other choice but to ask her to leave.” Uh-huh. Jolie didn’t take their kids back to L.A. for school – she was allegedly banished from New Orleans for being a nag, claims the mag.

Of course, In Touch doesn’t even have faith in its misplaced convictions. The magazine says Jolie plans to come back to New Orleans “frequently” to visit Pitt – which is very convenient for someone who’s been allegedly exiled. Despite In Touch‘s years-long campaign to make Brangelina seem miserable, the real reason Jolie plans to visit “frequently” is because she and Pitt are a loving couple who like to spend time with each other.

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