Brad Pitt Desperate For More Kids Because Jennifer Aniston’s Getting Married?

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By Daniel Gates



Brad Pitt has “baby fever” because Jennifer Aniston is getting married, according to a baffling OK! report. According to the tabloid, Pitt and Angelina Jolie are fighting over his ex’s engagement to Justin Theroux.

“He’s been behaving quite strangely over the past week or two, and Angie knows it’s because of Jen,” says a supposed OK! “insider,” even though Aniston and Theroux have been engaged since last August.

The mag’s source explains, “She got angry with Brad because, although there has been a lot of water under the bridge, she knows that deep down he still has feelings for Jen!” Uh-huh. What does ANY of this nonsense have to do with Pitt’s alleged urgency to have another child? “Brad’s never had any interest in having any more kids,” says the OK! insider, but that’s now supposedly changed.

The tab’s source says, “A few weeks ago he suddenly started suggesting to Angie that maybe they should start trying for another baby.” Jolie was initially excited, claims the OK! insider, but “then it suddenly dawned on her why he’d had the change of heart — his emotions were all over the place because of Jen’s upcoming marriage.” NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE.

What on earth is OK! blathering about? The magazine’s absurdly sloppy reporting about Pitt, Jolie and Aniston has been well documented. OK! has been falsely claiming Aniston is pregnant with twins for months, and last year falsely claimed Jolie was pregnant with twins. There have been countless other wrong reports from the magazine about all three celebs, but OK! is really ratcheting up the sensationalism this time. It’s almost as though the tabloid threw darts at a board and landed on “Brad Pitt,” “Jennifer Aniston,” “babies,” and “fight.” Needless to say, the story is as illogical and wrong as it sounds. A source close to Pitt and Jolie tells Gossip Cop the OK! story is a “farce.”

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Brad Pitt wants more kids because Jennifer Aniston is getting married.

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