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Alleged Angelina Jolie Jealousy Over ‘Moneyball’ Extras Makes No Cents

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By Daniel Gates


In Touch‘s unhealthy and rather sad obsession with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s relationship returns for the 7,385th consecutive week, and the magazine is increasingly desperate to split the couple.

Portraying Jolie as insecure over Pitt’s alleged “flirtation” with a flight attendant didn’t stick, so now In Touch claims she’s “more jealous than ever” over — wait for it — Moneyball extras!

According to an “insider” for the tabloid, Pitt has been “constantly surrounded by beautiful young women” on the movie’s set, thereby “worrying” Jolie.

“Angie is beside herself. She calls Brad all day long, and won’t leave him alone,” relates the couple’s “friend.” Jolie also comes to the set with their children, explains the purported pal, and “It’s obvious that she’s checking on him.”

We love this.

If Jolie didn’t call and visit Pitt, the magazine would claim they’re fighting. Because she does call and visit Pitt, In Touch is forced to insist that she’s jealous.

Ah, but In Touch also has a secret weapon — Moneyball extra and Hustler Hollywood Boutique Halloween calendar model Amanda Gist, who tells the magazine, “Brad makes sure to talk with everyone.”

Seriously. That’s the best In Touch could muster.

Brad Pitt is friendly and talks with people.

The tabloid says it’s “driving Angelina crazy.”

Here’s what’s driving Gossip Cop crazy: No matter how Pitt and Jolie behave (or don’t behave), interact (or don’t interact), In Touch is going to claim they’re on the rocks.

Instead of fabricating Jolie’s “worries” about Pitt leaving her, In Touch should worry about its own readers leaving for better options.

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