CLAIM: Brad Pitt Reached Out to Comfort Jennifer Aniston About Justin Theroux

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By Daniel Gates

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Jennifer Aniston’s sad demeanor since fiancé Justin Theroux moved to New York to work on his own projects has made her ex-husband Brad Pitt reach out across the miles,” reports OK!, which has been astoundingly wrong about Aniston so often it’s become more sad than funny. (No, seriously: the tabloid’s disastrous and misguided reporting has become truly pitiful. We’re concerned.)

This time around, OK! claims Pitt “contacted Jen — and tried to reassure his ex not to panic about her troubled relationship with Justin.”

“Brad still knows Jen probably better than anyone in the world,” explains a so-called “insider” for the magazine. “He’s very perceptive and can tell she’s been having a tough time lately, which is why he decided to reach out to her.”

Nope, never happened. Aniston and Theroux are not having problems, and Pitt did not reach out to her. But some of the details OK! makes up are priceless.

The tabloid says that during a break on the set of Fury in the English countryside earlier this month, Pitt supposedly “called Jen’s cell phone” and “she answered after just a couple of rings.” Wait, so OK! knows how many rings Aniston waited before picking up a phone call? Is the NSA bugging phones for the tabloid now?

“After they swapped a few pleasantries, Brad asked Jen if she was okay and the floodgates opened,” the “source” tells the outlet. “She poured her heart out to Brad and told him all her troubles.” According to the mag’s insider, “The pair talked for more than 40 minutes… Then they swapped dozens of texts over the next day or two before Jen’s bleak mood seemingly passed.” Oh, how nice for OK! that Aniston’s alleged emotional meltdown was resolved so quickly, leaving behind no evidence.

None of this happened. OK!‘s Aniston sources haven’t exactly proven reliable. An actual insider close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the story is “totally false.”

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Brad Pitt reached out to Jennifer Aniston to comfort her about Justin Theroux.

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