Mag Can’t Cope with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s Happiness

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By Daniel Gates

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Sometimes it seems as though tabloids think their job is to make the news. This week, OK! lamely attempts to create the impression that Brad Pitt is “hurting” Jennifer Aniston, even though there’s absolutely no reporting to support it.

Aniston, as the magazine says, “glowed” and smiled broadly at a recent “Inside the Actors Studio” taping, happy in her new relationship with Justin Theroux. Despite her beloved dog Norman’s recent passing, “life seems good” for Aniston, adds OK!

Pitt and Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, enjoyed time together in Malta, where he’s filming World War Z. According to a source for the tabloid, the couple giggled by the pool all day and “seemed head over heels” as they ate an alfresco dinner. That’s what’s going on.

Aniston and Theroux are happy. Pitt and Jolie are happy. But that’s no good for OK!, which needs conflict. So the story, which is almost entirely about how great everyone feels, is titled, “Brad’s Still Hurting Jen.” Huh? How is he hurting her?

Well, apparently Pitt and Jolie ate at the same Maltese restaurant where Pitt and Aniston dined back in 2003. OK! sees this as an indication that Pitt is somehow flaunting his relationship in a way that could “spoil” Aniston’s nice life. The magazine also wonders if Pitt and Jolie only talk about their lives and children “to push Jen’s buttons?”

These three just can’t win with the tabs. As sources close to Brangelina and Aniston tell Gossip Cop, the only whiff of tension comes from OK! itself. If the stars were as miserable as the magazines claim, they wouldn’t need to invent and reinvent their alleged pain, week after week.

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