Brad Pitt Stories Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Brad Pitt HollywoodLife Stories

By Shari Weiss

Brad Pitt HollywoodLife Stories

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HollywoodLife is making up stories about Brad Pitt. Since his split from Angelina Jolie, Gossip Cop has caught the fabrication factory manufacturing multiple untrue articles about the actor.

This began the very day Pitt and Jolie’s breakup was announced last month. The webloid published a so-called “exclusive” about Pitt “leaning on” George Clooney, who was supposedly encouraging him to save the marriage. But at the time the story was posted, Clooney wasn’t even aware of the divorce.

That was followed by another purported “exclusive” that falsely claimed Pitt would go to rehab to fix his relationship with Jolie. In early October, yet another “exclusive” wrongly alleged the estranged spouses were battling over her engagement ring. Days later came an erroneous “exclusive” about Pitt staying at Clooney’s home in the wake of the separation.

Then this past Tuesday, a wholly made-up “exclusive” said Pitt had backed out of taking sons Maddox and Pax to a concert last weekend. No such plans actually existed. And that brings us to Wednesday, when yet another “exclusive” (sensing a pattern?) claimed to know all about Pitt’s future dating plans.

HollywoodLies has also run seemingly fabricated tales about Jennifer Aniston’s supposed react to Pitt’s split, as well as Jolie getting support from Gwen Stefani and being “convinced” he cheated with Marion Cotillard. There was even an “exclusive” about Jolie hooking up with Johnny Depp.

Here’s the problem: No reliable person in Pitt’s camp is talking to HollywoodLife, Gossip Cop has confirmed. We’ve learned this to be the case with many other stars as well, from Aniston to Robert Pattinson to Selena Gomez. Everyone is aware of the webloid’s awful reputation, and its apparent tendency to craft “exclusives” and invent “sources” out of thin air.

This latest Pitt tale, about his prospective dating life, paints him in a favorable light, but it’s still manufactured. No matter whether the spin is positive or negative, there is simply no excuse for making up stories. And that’s what HollywoodLies has done again and again.

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