CLAIM: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fight Over His “Dangerous” Helicopter Flight

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By Daniel Gates


Brad Pitt has been grounded by his helicopter instructor,” claims Star magazine in an article headlined, “Brad’s Dangerous Flight.” The tabloid reports that Angelina Jolie “splashed out nearly $1.6 million on a helicopter and flying lessons” for Pitt earlier this year, but the mag’s “spies” allege she’s now “forbidden Brad from taking to the air!”

What supposedly happened? “Angie has made it clear that Brad is not to fly until he’s certified, but Pax and Maddox have been begging to go for a ride,” says a Star insider. “Brad asked the instructor, but he was very much against it.” According to the mag’s source, Maddox then “ratted Brad out to Angie” about wanting to sneak in a flight, and “the house turned into World War III!” Pitt eventually “smoothed things over” with Jolie after “much sucking up,” and agreed that he’d get certified before taking their kids up in the air.

Let’s review what Star is “reporting” here. Jolie supposedly bought Pitt a helicopter and lessons (which has never been confirmed), with the understanding that Pitt would get certified before flying. He allegedly wanted to sneak a flight with his sons, asked his instructor but was told not to do it, and ended up not taking the flight — yet “World War III” erupted between him and Jolie? None of this makes any sense.

Basically, it seems like Star was eager to give the appearance of Jolie-Pitt drama over something “dangerous” like a helicopter, without having an actual flight, er, fight to report.

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