CLAIM: Brad Pitt Likes His Women “Super-Thin,” Angelina Jolie “Wasting Away”

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By Daniel Gates

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie


Amazing. Last week, the tabs were saying Brad Pitt is plotting to fatten up Angelina Jolie. Now the National Enquirer claims he’s “the architect of her frightening weight loss.” Seriously.

The magazine explains, “The reigning Hollywood heartthrob prefers his ladies to be rail-thin, and he lets them know it.” His “ladies”? Wait, is the Enquirer actually going to argue that Jolie and Pitt exes like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are slim because of Pitt?

“Brad doesn’t come out and demand his women be skinny, but in a not-so-subtle manner, he drops hints,” alleges a so-called “close source,” who adds that Pitt prefers his companions be “super-thin for their red-carpet appearances.”

The supposed insider says, “If he’s constantly comparing his current girlfriend with his exes, it has to start making them feel self-conscious about their bodies?” According to the tab source’s dubious calculations, Jolie is “wasting away at less than 100 pounds,” allegedly disintegrating under Pitt’s stringent weight demands. Ugh.

A few things. First, the Enquirer has been harping on Jolie’s weight forever, wrongly claiming last year that she was “secretly addicted to diet pills.” If Jolie were actually “wasting away” like the tabloid insists, year after year, she’d have been in serious trouble long ago. Instead, she looks the same as always. Moreover, she and Pitt have been together for seven years. If Pitt really demands that his women be absurdly skinny, why is Jolie only (allegedly) shrinking now?

But of course, we’re asking for logical coherence from the same outlet that insisted Jolie stuck out her leg at the Oscars to mock Stacy Keibler. In any case, a source close to Jolie and Pitt tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer claim that he’s somehow forcing her to lose weight is “100 percent wrong” on every level.

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