Brad Pitt Being Forced to Clean Up His Look By Film Bosses?

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(The Sun)

By Michael Lewittes

(The Sun)

The Sun sure love its puns. In a story titled, “Film bosses think Brad’s greasy look is the Pitts,” the tabloid claims that movie executives are demanding Brad Pitt “smarten up his act.” According to the paper, “His last film Killing Them Softly bombing, and ribbing over his Chanel scent ad has led to the change.” A supposed “source” for The Sun says, “Film bosses are over the goatee and greasy hair.”

The purported “insider” goes on to explain, “Having six kids, house renovation in France and delays over latest film World War Z have also taken their toll,” adding, “He’s quickly realizing if he wants to keep acting he’s going to have to fix up.”

Let’s stop right there. This story makes ZERO sense. An actor’s look is largely determined by whatever movie he’s shooting at that particular time. For example, Pitt’s hair was short in Moneyball because he was playing Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, a clean-cut, athletic sort of guy; whereas in Killing Them Softly, he’s portraying a mob enforcer — hence the long, slicked-back hair and mustache. These are characters.

When Pitt is not filming anything, he tends to keep his hair long these days, but otherwise, he changes his look to fit whatever role he’s playing. Everyone knows this. Well, everyone but The Sun, it seems.

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