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Star Mag Cheats With Brad Pitt Flight Attendant “Scandal”

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By Daniel Gates

(Star magazine)

Does Star magazine translate its stories into English from obscure foreign sources?

It might explain why the tabloid seems to have so much trouble with the meaning of words.

For instance, Star‘s claim that Brad Pitt has been “caught” in a cheating scandal, as the tabloid blares on this week’s cover, would lead one to believe that the accompanying story actually explains how the actor is caught in a cheating scandal.

Too bad the mag kind of forgets to include that part.

In fact, despite the cover promising to give “the incredible story” behind Pitt’s alleged affair, the tabloid provides nothing of the sort.

Instead, it supplies a ridiculous bait-and-switch about as tasty and filling as airplane food.

A French model named Racine who moonlights as a flight attendant “may also be Brad Pitt’s secret lover,” reports Star, which cites discredited biographer Ian Halperin‘s vague blog scribblings about the woman’s sexual history.

Racine supposedly works for a private jet company that A-listers “including Brad” use when flying between France and the United States. “It’s during those flights that Halperin says the stunning woman likes to have sex with married or attached men,” relays the tabloid. Halperin quotes the attendant as saying that she’s “slept with at least three men [Angelina Jolie] slept with.”

That’s it.

The flight attendant never says she’s had an affair with Pitt.

No one else says the flight attendant has had an affair with Pitt.

In fact, the only thing Star says is “certain” is that “women like flight attendant Racine are always going to be a threat.”

To recap: Star magazine goes from claiming on the cover that Pitt’s been “caught” in a cheating scandal with a flight attendant to saying that the woman — whom it’s possible Pitt has never met — poses a “threat.”

Gossip Cop has “caught” the tabloid making yet another Mile High Flub.

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