MAG: Brad Pitt Chooses President Obama Over His Own Mom

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By Daniel Gates


Brad Pitt is choosing President Obama over his own mother!” declares Star magazine.


According to the tabloid’s sources, “Jane Pitt is furious that her son is planning to publicly support the Democratic candidate.”

“Jane is as Republican as you can get — she’s very religious and against gay marriage,” explains an “insider,” who’s apparently a few months behind everyone else.

The Star source adds, “The family tries to avoid political discussions, but Jane was fuming when Brad said he’s going to support Obama. A big argument erupted.”

And the movie star is not backing down, says the tabloid.

“He is aware that this could cause a rift within his family, but Brad plans on voicing his support for the President,” states the magazine’s insider.

Um, a couple of things.

First, we’re not quite sure why the tabloids seem so obsessed with turning Jane Pitt into an eternal source of conflict who’s supposedly (deep breath) an obstacle to Pitt getting married, influencing his career decisions, in a “holy war” with Angelina Jolie, and being used as a pawn against Jennifer Aniston — but it’s all complete nonsense.

More importantly, how exactly would her son’s support for President Obama shock Jane Pitt?

She and Brad have known about each other’s politics for years.

They’re not all of a sudden feuding over November’s election, and there’s no new “rift within the family.”

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the speculation of a Jane-Brad squabble is “absurd.”

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