Brad Pitt Talks About “Dysfunctional Honeymoon” With Angelina Jolie (VIDEO)

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Brad Pitt Fury Red Carpet Video

By Daniel Gates


Brad Pitt Fury Red Carpet Video


Brad Pitt opened up about his recent marriage to Angelina Jolie and their working honeymoon while on the Fury red carpet, saying the summer wedding was “something we thought we’d do for the kids,” but actually wound up meaning more than they expected.

“I thought we were as deep as you could get with six kids and it upped the ante,” he told “Extra” at the event on Wednesday.

The couple is currently working on By the Sea in Malta, which Pitt jokingly described as a “completely dysfunctional honeymoon.”

He said of the project, “It’s a really elegant kind of… sparse story that she has written about a dysfunctional couple. It’s really about grief, it’s a couple dealing with grief… and yes, this is our honeymoon. [Malta] is not a bad place to be, I’ll tell you that.”

Of course, the tabloids have already tried to make it seem like Pitt and Jolie’s marriage is falling apart because they didn’t have a traditional honeymoon. In actuality, they’re working together on one of Jolie’s passion projects, and have their entire family with them.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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