CLAIM: Brad Pitt “Calls Off” Wedding After Finding Out Angelina Jolie “Cheated”

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By Daniel Gates


“The Hollywood wedding of the century is off!” announces the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, Brad Pitt has canceled his nuptials to Angelina Jolie after finding out that she “cheated” on him! Wait… what?

“Sources” for the Enquirer allege that Pitt “bolted from a pre-marital counseling session” after Jolie supposedly admitted to “being with another man after she met him” and making “other shocking revelations.” A so-called “insider” claims that Pitt and Jolie met with a “trusted family confidante” to discuss issues that “could impact the marriage.”

That’s when Jolie purportedly “dropped the bomb” that she “met men in hotel rooms” after she and Pitt famously fell in love while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The Enquirer claims that Pitt was furious about the “complete betrayal” and “stormed out of the session.” According to the magazine’s source, the confessional “left a bad taste in Brad’s mouth. Now he’s not only rethinking the marriage but also the entire relationship.” Until Pitt “sorts through his feelings, he’s called off the marriage,” says the insider. OK.

Let’s come back to reality. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie never had a “marriage” planned. He recently suggested that it could happen one day – but that’s as far as it ever went. There was no wedding to “call off” and no “pre-marital counseling session” for Pitt to leave angry. As a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop, the story about Jolie’s supposed bombshell and Pitt’s reaction is a total fabrication.

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