Brad Pitt’s “Nude Scandal” with Costar Bella Heathcote is Bare on Facts

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By Daniel Gates


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie headline some great movies, but those on-screen tales will never live up to the fantasyland dreamed up by the tabloids. This week’s Star magazine offers an especially delicious work of fiction from the set of Pitt’s upcoming film Cogan’s Trade, where he’s allegedly been “caught” in a “nude scandal” involving his “sexy costar” Bella Heathcote.

Wow! A Brad Pitt “nude scandal”? That sounds like huge news! And it would be… except Star‘s big “nude scandal” story contains no nudity and no scandal. It turns out that months ago, Heathcote was quoted in the Herald Sun mentioning how sexy Pitt looked with Rose Byrne in a scene from 2004’s Troy.

“I wish I was in a similar scene to Rose with Brad, that was hot,” laughed Heathcote in the interview, which ran last December. “Listen to me calling him Brad by his first name already,” she continued. “Ahh, I must say it is a minor role [in Cogan’s Trade] but I am really looking forward to it shooting in New Orleans.” Star turns that into a full cover story about Heathcote’s “desire to get naked” with Pitt and Jolie supposedly going on “high alert.”

“[Jolie’s] desperate to keep him away from Bella,” alleges a so-called “insider” for the tabloid. “Angie knows Brad could easily fall for her because she’s fresh meat.” Uh huh. Heathcote may be “fresh meat,” but the rest of of Star‘s story is beyond stale, essentially rehashing the tired premise that Jolie constantly visits Pitt on set to keep an eye on him. “Whispers about him and his sexy costar Bella soon got back to Angelina,” explains Star, which is why she “dropped everything and packed up the kids to crash Brad’s party and deliver a harsh dose of reality!”

No, the reality is that Jolie visited Pitt – with their children – because they’re a couple whose work schedules often keep them apart. Every account of Jolie and Pitt’s time together in New Orleans indicates that Jolie and Pitt enjoyed some happy, relaxing hours as a family. There was no “blow-up” as Star‘s cover insists. Gossip Cop spoke with sources close to the couple who called this latest attempt to create “scandal” ridiculous.

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