MAG: Angelina Jolie Upset About Brad Pitt’s Secret “Baby” with Jennifer Aniston

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By Daniel Gates


New year, same Star magazine nonsense. This week, the tabloid ups the ridiculousness with a cover story about Angelina Jolie walking out on Brad Pitt after she learned about his “bombshell secret” involving a “baby with another woman!” Wow! So where did this alleged “drama” start? With that bizarre, unverified story about the late talent agent Sue Mengers once advising Jennifer Aniston to “ask Brad for some of his sperm” after they split.

Wait… what? Star can’t POSSIBLY be trying to turn that random tidbit into a full-fledged cover report about Pitt actually having a secret baby with Aniston, right? Oh, yes they are! “A seething Angelina confronted her mate about the news and accused him of hatching a plan with Jen behind her back to have a baby together,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid. That revelation supposedly led Pitt to admit to Jolie that he and Aniston had once tried to have a child while they were still a couple.

The Star source says that Jolie “felt betrayed” and “started driving to the airport but stopped because she couldn’t bring herself to leave the kids.” For his part, Pitt “never imagined this would infuriate Angie to the extent that it has,” explains the mag’s insider. “Now it could spell the end of them forever.”

Good grief. How did Star print this scenario with a straight face? Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston never hatched a secret baby plan behind Angelina Jolie’s back. Aniston does not have Pitt’s sperm in her freezer. A rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop the claim that she asked Pitt for his sperm is “ridiculous and clearly not true.” And Jolie never stormed out on Pitt, feeling “betrayed” over any “bombshell.” Sources close to the couple laugh off the report, calling it “100 percent false.” Good to know Star is picking up right where it left off in 2011.

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