CLAIM: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Wedding “Set for 2012”

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By Daniel Gates


There seem to have been two major tabloid reactions to Brad Pitt’s recent quotes about how he and Angelina Jolie would “actually like to” get married. Places like the National Enquirer are using the mere mention of marriage as an opportunity to invent allegations about “pre-marital counseling” bombshells concerning Jolie’s sexual history.

Other publications, such as Life & Style, are taking Pitt’s words and twisting them into a formal wedding announcement. The magazine claims, “According to the premier entertainment website the Red Pages (which officially lists major events like the Oscars and the Emmys), Brad and Angie’s wedding is set for 2012!”

Life & Style seems to be suggesting that the nuptials are somehow written into the “official” Hollywood calendar, just like major awards ceremonies. Not satisfied merely to float that bogus interpretation, the tabloid starts speculating about possible wedding guests, gowns and venues. All of which is very cute… and based on absolutely nothing.

As Gossip Cop has reported before, and as sources close to the couple stress to us again, there are no actual wedding plans for Pitt and Jolie. They could get married in 2012, just as they could have gotten married at any point during the last seven years, when tabloids constantly announced an imminent wedding that never actually took place. But when Life & Style and other outlets report that plans are already in the works, it’s simply not true.

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