Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Kids Create “Chaos” Behind Closed Doors, Says Star

Truth rating: 2

By Daniel Gates

According to Star magazine, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are running a zoo. Their kids, it seems, are totally out of control, and allegedly “it’s chaos” behind the doors of their multimillion-dollar homes.

A source for the tabloid says every day starts with the children demanding different breakfasts, usually treats “like cupcakes and pastries.” Sufficiently sugared, their behavior then supposedly descends… into madness.

Pax is the ringleader,” explains the so-called “insider,” who, we’re left to assume, is an anthropologist Star hired to watch the Jolie-Pitts in their natural habitat. The source claims seven-year-old Pax “can be aggressive, and he and Maddox can get physical with each other. They’re a real handful.”

In addition to constant “roughhousing,” the kids are supposedly allowed to paint and draw on the walls, never facing consequences for their messy behavior. “Brad and Angie have 25 staff members, but they hardly ever reprimand the kids for that or anything else,” reveals the Star source.

We’d be slightly more inclined to believe all of this if Star hadn’t proven itself wrong about Pitt and Jolie time and time and time and time and time again. A source close to the family laughed off this latest Star fabrication, saying that while the six kids can be rambunctious (like other children their age), the idea that they’re bouncing off the walls and wreaking zoo-like havoc is preposterous.

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