CLAIM: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fight Over “Gender-Bending” Shiloh

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By Daniel Gates



Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s furious battle over how to raise their tomboy daughter Shiloh has thrust their roller-coaster relationship into another crisis,” claims the National Enquirer.

Supposedly, Pitt is “fed up” with Jolie for allowing Shiloh’s “gender-bending appearance,” and now his mom, Jane Pitt, has allegedly joined the fight. “Brad’s mom called Angelina out for letting the children – especially Shiloh – run wild” during a recent visit, according to a so-called “insider” for the Enquirer.

The biggest issue, says the tabloid, is the way Shiloh dresses. The “insider” claims Pitt “flipped out” when he saw her wearing older brother Pax‘s outfit on November 13, and “pulled Angelina aside and barked the order to ‘put her in a dress.'” When she blew off his concerns, “Brad wound up storming out and catching a flight to Korea without even saying goodbye to Angie,” reveals the “insider.” Of course, Pitt was scheduled to promote Moneyball in South Korea… but making it seem as though he ran to the airport out of frustration over his daughter’s outfit is much more dramatic.

The Enquirer sets up a struggle between Jolie’s commitment to letting the children “develop their own personalities” and Pitt’s supposed insistence that they “start raising their daughter properly – like the girl that she is.” For good measure, the Enquirer even throws in the claim that Pitt “is concerned that his children could follow down the risky path of [Jolie], who reportedly smoked heroin in the past.”

In other words, the magazine wants us to believe that a 5-year-old who dresses like a tomboy is just a few steps away from drug abuse. affling logic aside, there’s not even truth to the Enquirer‘s premise that Pitt and Jolie are fighting over Shiloh’s wardrobe. A source close the couple tells Gossip Cop it’s “total nonsense,” and just another desperate attempt from the Enquirer to portray the family negatively.

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