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Mag reaches “Breaking Point” with Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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By Daniel Gates



“Brad’s Fallen Out of Love With Angelina,” claims the National Enquirer.

Yet again, the headline could read, “Enquirer‘s Fallen Out of Touch With Reality.”

The tab’s newest clunker purports that Brad Pitt has “stunned” Angelina Jolie with a revelation that he no longer loves her, and is on the verge of ending their relationship.

An Enquirer insider says Pitt’s “finally reached his limit,” informing her that “her behavior has finally worn him down, and at this stage, he simply doesn’t love her anymore.”

Wow! What kind of “behavior”?

The couple’s been “locking horns for months,” reports the tabloid, with Jolie complaining about issues ranging from career moves to parenting to Pitt’s relationship with ex Jennifer Aniston.

Pitt’s finally “fed up with the non-stop friction,” says the Enquirer, whose source claims he’s reached the “breaking point.”


But wait, didn’t Pitt and Jolie decide just last month to buy a home together on the island of Santorini, according to… the Enquirer? Hmm. Doesn’t really sound like a couple at the “breaking point.”

It sounds more like a publication that has zero insight into their relationship, and makes up rumors on the fly.

After all, as further “evidence” that Brangelina is on the brink, the Enquirer notes that “both were spotted out without each other recently in Los Angeles.”

Oh no, it must be over because Pitt was spotted leaving a cafe with a male buddy, and Jolie was seen eating lunch with a female friend.

[Eyes roll]

If you think the Enquirer appears desperate, it’s because it is.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop there is absolutely no truth to the claim that Pitt’s “fallen out of love” with Jolie or that the relationship is “hanging by a thread.”

That last phrase, however, could describe the Enquirer‘s reporting.

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