Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert NOT Heading For “$100 Million Divorce”

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By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are heading for a $100 million divorce, according to a completely false National Enquirer cover story. In October, the magazine published a bogus report about the couple’s “$40 million divorce.” Apparently, that made-up story wasn’t sufficiently sensational for the Enquirer, so this week it more than doubled the dollar amount.

Of course, the outlet claimed Shelton and Lambert were splitting over possible cheating last spring, and that was also fabricated. The Enquirer says a lot of stuff about the couple that isn’t true. In the past, the tabloid has tried linking Shelton to Cher and his “Voice” co-star Shakira. It falsely claimed he dumped pal Adam Levine for Usher. It has blamed Shelton for non-existent problems in Kelly Clarkson‘s marriage. The Enquirer once even invented heart problems for Shelton. It’s embarrassing.

The National Enquirer has very little credibility when it comes to reporting on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. So when the tabloid prints a “new” story claiming the couple’s marriage “exploded right before Christmas” and that a “bitter divorce battle over the pair’s $100 million fortune is set to erupt in 2014” — well, it’s just… kinda sad. The story is filled with the same old, discredited rumors about Shelton partying too much for Lambert’s liking, the couple bickering over baby plans, etc. None of it is true. All of it is sensationalistic speculation from the same outlet that’s been wrong over and over again. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest Enquirer piece is “shameful” and “false.”

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