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MAG: Blake Shelton and Cher Hate Each Other, Fighting on The Voice

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Blake Shelton picked Cher to mentor his team on “The Voice,” and now the two are “clashing so much that they’re barely on speaking terms,” claims the National Enquirer.

“Cher wishes she never agreed to be Blake’s team member,” a so-called “set insider” tells the tabloid. “She can’t stand him. She’s already called him a big jerk and told him how much she hated him.”

The Enquirer source adds, “While she’s a fan of Blake’s musical talent, she can’t seem to get over his backwoods, country cowboy ways and his constant flirting with the sexier female singers on the show.”

According to the outlet, things recently got ugly when Cher overheard Shelton’s “long political rant about how President Obama is ‘ruining the country.'”

After Cher allegedly warned Shelton to leave his politics at home, he responded by saying, “Listen, sweetheart…,” at which point the Enquirer says Cher exploded.

“She called him a jerk and said he was ‘nothing but a dumb cowboy,'” claims the Enquirer tipster. “Blake retaliated and called her a ‘typical Hollywood liberal,’ and that’s when she really went off, yelling, ‘I hate you!'”

How dramatic!

How fabricated!

A week ago, the Enquirer floated a completely made-up story about Miranda Lambert warning Shelton to “stay away” from “cougar” Cher.

The magazine failed to establish romantic tension between the two stars, so now it’s trying to create a feud.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that Shelton and Cher get along perfectly well, and that the Enquirer report is “totally wrong.”

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