CLAIM: Blake Shelton Turning Boozy Tweets Into Book

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By Daniel Gates

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Blake Shelton hopes to make a fortune by turning his famous ‘drunken’ Internet posts on Twitter into a hilarious book,” writes the National Enquirer, taking a short break from making up stories about Shelton’s non-existent marital troubles.

According to the tabloid, the singer is “looking to cash in on his love of the bottle after being approached by a publisher.”

“Blake’s compiling his funniest alcohol-related Tweets and he’s going to add in other humorous tales about his drunken adventures,” explains a so-called “close source” for the Enquirer.

The mag’s insider adds, “He thinks he’s got a sure-fire, best-selling book on his hands. After that, he says he wants to make his mark on the big screen, preferably comedies — with some booze-fueled humor.”

“Many of his celebrity friends — including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera — told him to gather his best material for a book,” says the Enquirer source, adding, “He has so many hilarious stories about getting into crazy situations when he drinks, it’s bound to be a rip-roaring success!”


That’s quite the pitch.

Unfortunately, it’s made up.

“Not true,” a source close to Shelton tells Gossip Cop of the rumor.

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