Scarlett Johansson Looks For Love In SNL’s “Black Widow: Age Of Me” Trailer – WATCH VIDEO

Black Widow age of me

By Michael Lewittes

Black Widow age of me


Scarlett Johansson mocked Avengers: Age of Ultron and “chick flicks” like Sex and the City in a parody trailer on “SNL.” In the bit, Johansson played her character Black Widow, who has a “great job” at Fashion Weekly magazine, but the “only thing missing,” says the mock trailer, is “love.” That is until she meets Ultron. The trailer teases the film Black Widow: Age of Me is about “superhero and her super romance.”

We see a slew of the other superheroes in the trailer, including The Hulk, Captain America and Thor, who asks Black Widow cattily, “So, who’s the guy?” But things go south with Ultron and he throws a bus through the window of the offices of Fashion Weekly. Black Widow then confronts Ultron, and tells him like in a standard romance film, “You know how much that job meant to me?” The trailer then teases that Black Widow: Age of Me is coming to theaters near you.

Back in March, when Johansson’s co-star Chris Hemsworth hosted “SNL,” the sketch comedy show similarly did a parody of The Avengers, with Hemsworth’s Thor singing, “We Are The Champions” and leading a street party with The Hulk, Iron Man, and Nick Fury after they defeated Ultron.

Check out the video below of Johansson starring in the parody trailer Black Widow: Age of Me , and tell us what you think.

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