VIDEO: Bill Maher Rips Into “Creep” Bill Cosby With Real Time Monologue Jokes

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Bill Maher Cosby Jokes

By Daniel Gates


Bill Maher Cosby Jokes


Bill Maher ripped into Bill Cosby during his “Real Time” monologue on Friday, joking about the rape allegations against his fellow comedian more directly and explicitly than his late-night counterparts over the course of the week.

The host began with a segue from the topic of Republican leaders battling President Obama on immigration policy. “[John Boehner] said [Obama] is an emperor who forced amnesty down our throats. At least Bill Cosby used to give you a roofie first!”

Maher continued, “It was kind of a bad week for the Cos… on the plus side, he has lots of pills lying around that can make him forget the whole thing.” When the audience groaned, Maher asked, “Really? You’re on this guy’s side?” Mentioning the cancellation of Cosby’s Las Vegas performance, Maher commented, “When you’re too sleazy for Vegas, I think that says something.”

He went on to say that while everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty, the fact that 16 women have similar stories speaks volumes. “Even for a guy who did a sitcom in the 1980s, that’s a lot of wacky misunderstandings,” joked Maher, calling Cosby a “creep.”

The host closed by noting, “I think it is ironic justice that a nation of black teenagers now gets to say to Bill Cosby, ‘Pull up YOUR pants!'” What do you think of Maher’s jokes about Cosby? Check out the video below starting at the 3:20 mark.

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