VIDEO: Bill Hader Almost Loses It During Coal Miner Sketch Cut From SNL

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Bill Hader Coal Miner

By Daniel Gates


Bill Hader Coal Miner


Bill Hader hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, reviving favorite characters like Stefon, and using his monologue to sing terribly, but one of the best moments never aired. A sketch called “The Gossipy Coal Miner” was cut from the show before broadcast.

In the bit, Hader portrays the baby carrot-loving “Levar,” a coal miner who seems more interested in sharing secrets about other miners than in mining coal.

For example, when one of the guys noted that a fellow miner has been in a “bad mood” lately, Levar was quick to interject. “You would be too if you had his interesting problem,” he said. “Wink. Wink. Let’s just say he has a floppy jalopy.” Levar continued, “He is trying to open a Capri Sun with an earthworm. He is serving boneless pork to his wife.”

Hader’s character goes on to spread gossip about the other miners. While the sketch is only intermittently funny, Hader nearly loses it and almost breaks character a couple of times, making it pretty entertaining to watch.

Check out the video below!


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