Bill Cosby Tries To Rape Taylor Swift On South Park – WATCH VIDEO

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Bill Cosby Rape Taylor Swift South Park

By Daniel Gates


Bill Cosby Rape Taylor Swift South Park

(Comedy Central)

Bill Cosby essentially tried to rape Taylor Swift on Wednesday’s “South Park” episode. While no sexual assault is actually depicted, it’s strongly implied that the cartoon version of the alleged serial rapist is seen attempting to drug and take advantage of Swift. Watch the video below.

The scene unfolded in the middle of an almost impossible-to-summarize episode that tied up countless plots from throughout the show’s latest season. For some context, Cosby and Swift had been recruited as part of a star-filled holiday TV special that featured YouTube-style running commentary from Eric Cartman.

There’s also an appearance from real YouTube star PewDiePie, a customer service call, fake tweets running along the bottom of the screen, holograms of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, Call of Duty footage, and a lot of other aspects that are confusing without having seen previous episodes.

But in the middle of it all, Cosby and Swift sing a “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”-like duet, during which Swift wonders what Cosby has put in her drink, and Cosby insists there’s nothing to worry about while getting handsy with her. The official Comedy Central clip is below, along with a longer edit showing more of the Swift-Cosby interaction. Tell us what you think.

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