Bill Cosby Fires Back at Underage Molestation Claim: It’s A Lie And Extortion

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Bill Cosby Judy Huth Lawsuit

By Shari Weiss

Bill Cosby Judy Huth Lawsuit

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Bill Cosby is firing back at the lawsuit filed by Judy Huth, the 55-year-old woman who claims the comedy legend sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15. As Gossip Cop reported, Huth sued Cosby earlier this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging he got her drunk and then molested her in 1974. But in a legal response filed Thursday, and provided to Gossip Cop, Cosby’s attorney Marty Singer slams the accusations as “absolutely false,” “unreliable,” and “untimely.”

According to Singer, Huth’s claims are both fabricated lies and an attempt at extorting the sitcom icon. The lawyer says Huth’s attorney contacted him last month, demanding $100,000 in exchange for silence, or risk “criminal penalties.” Singer claims that as more women recently accused Cosby of assault, Huth’s lawyer increased the demand to $250,000, and then filed the lawsuit when those demands were not met.

Singer further alleges that Huth actually first tried selling her claims to tabloids nearly 10 years ago, but no one bought the story. He argues her previous attempt to sell the story to a magazine conflicts with what Huth is now saying in her lawsuit, which is that she only recently recalled the incident after dealing with years of emotional distress. The timeline is critical, because Huth filed her lawsuit on the grounds that, in California, a statue of limitations is irrelevant if the victim first “discovered” the incident within three years prior to filing the suit.

Singer additionally questions the credibility of Huth’s lawyer, and expresses skepticism at some of the details in her story, such as the claim that Cosby first played a drinking game with Huth, since the comedian is “a lifelong non-drinker.” Singer also says Huth has failed to provide necessary evidence in her filing, including certification from a mental health professional to corroborate her claims, and that her attorney violated legal protocol for the sake of publicity. Singer is requesting that the lawsuit be dismissed, and Cosby receive monetary sanctions, including attorneys’ fees. Gossip Cop has reached out for additional comment. What do you think of Cosby’s side of the story?

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