Big Sean: I’d Rather Dress As A Nazi Than As A Woman (VIDEO)

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Big Sean Nazi

By Daniel Gates


Big Sean Nazi


Big Sean would rather dress as a Nazi than a woman. That’s what he told Big Boy on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles on Friday. Watch the video below.

“Would you rather dress as a woman for six months, or dress as a Nazi for six months?” Big Boy asked the rapper. “And I mean, like, you’re out on tour, you can’t tell nobody why [you’re dressed that way].” Big Sean laughed at the question, and then replied, “I’d rather dress as a Nazi, because I’m black, so that just don’t make no sense.” Big Boy seemed to agree with the logic.

While Big Sean (obviously) has no interest in actually dressing as a Nazi, his hypothetical preference for swastikas over appearing in drag has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. A lot of commenters have pointed out that even the question itself, equating cross-dressing with Nazi-dressing, is offensive.

The rapper is currently dating Ariana Grande, and he’s certainly seemed like anything but a misogynist when talking about her. “The thing I find most attractive is a woman with her own drive and own goals. It’s never about egos. It’s just about what we share — that focus,” he recently told GQ. But his response to Big Boy’s question is raising a lot of eyebrows. Watch Big Sean’s Nazi answer in the video below, and tell us what you think.

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