Beyonce Debuts Emotional “Yours and Mine” Short Film: “When You’re Famous, No One Looks At You Like A Human”

Beyonce Yours And Mine

By Daniel Gates


Beyonce Yours And Mine


Beyonce has released a stunning and emotional short film called “Yours and Mine” to mark the one-year anniversary of her surprise, massively successful self-titled album. The 11-minute clip features the singer ruminating on life, death, romance, feminism, fame and more in a voiceover as images from her various videos flow past. Watch the official YouTube version of “Yours and Mine” below.

“I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous and walk down a street just like everyone else,” we hear Beyonce say. “Before I was famous, I was the girl on the hill with the guitar. I was the girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach. And now that I’m famous, it’s really, really difficult to do simple things. I think it’s the hardest thing to give up.”

She continues, “When you’re famous, no one looks at you like a human anymore. You become the property of the public. There’s nothing real about it… You can’t put your finger on who I am. I can’t put my finger on who I am.”

Beyonce reflects, “I grew up with a lot of conflicts and traumas, and I’ve been through a lot, just like everyone else. My escape was always music, and I’m so lucky that’s my job.” She later observes, “I feel like my body is borrowed, and this life is very temporary… We don’t value ourselves enough. Especially young people, don’t really appreciate how brilliant our bodies are. I’ve always been very specific and very choosy about what I do with my body, and who I want to share that with.”

“People feel like they lose something when they get married, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing more exciting about having a witness to your life,” she says of her marriage to Jay Z. Beyonce then declares, “I always considered myself a feminist, although I was always afraid of that word, because people put so much on it. When honestly it’s very simple: it’s just a person that believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out, and we have to get to a point where we’re comfortable appreciating each other.”

Beyonce concludes, “The love I have for music, for my husband, for my child, is something that will last far beyond my life.” Indeed. Watch the full “Yours and Mine” video below, and tell us what you think.

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