Beyonce Opens Up to Vogue: Blue Ivy Is “My Road Dog, My Homey” (VIDEO)


By Shari Weiss



Beyoncé opens up about motherhood, life with Jay-Z, and the endless tabloid rumors that surround her in the March issue of Vogue.

The superstar, who calls one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy “my road dog, my homey, my best friend,” shrugs off speculation that she didn’t actually give birth but instead used a surrogate. “That was very odd,” says Beyoncé. “Who even thinks that? Like, who would make that up… You can’t take it too seriously.”

And when her own mother gets worked up over such gossip, the singer admits, “I have to calm her down.” Beyoncé also confesses to reading stories about herself online — but never the comments. “Don’t scroll down!” she laughs. “You’re definitely going to get your feelings hurt.”

The Destiny’s Child singer calls Blue Ivy’s birth “the best day of my life,” noting that during labor, she felt her “connection” with the baby girl strengthening. “I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain,” she recalls. “We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”

And now her entire perspective on life and work has changed. “I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more,” Beyoncé tells the mag. “Family has always been important. I’ve always had my mother and my father and my husband. But it’s just… Life is so much more than… It’s not defined by any of this.”

In fact, Beyoncé envisions a future day where she’ll slow down and give Blue Ivy more of a traditional childhood, explaining, “It’s very important to me that my daughter is able to experience life and run through the sprinklers and have slumber parties and trust and live and do all the things that any child should be able to do.” “School visits and lemonade stands and all that stuff,” she adds. “It’s very important for me.”

She also finds herself viewing her famous figure differently since giving birth, saying she now understands “the power of my body.” “I just feel my body means something completely different. I feel a lot more confident about it. Even being heavier, thinner, whatever. I feel a lot more like a woman. More feminine, more sensual. And no shame,” Beyoncé tells Vogue.

Of course, having a husband like Jay-Z certainly helps. Beyoncé says of her famous hubby, “Just knowing someone’s always going to be honest and tell the truth, can understand exactly what I’m going through — and I can understand exactly what he’s going through.”

Fans can see a bit of that for themselves in Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, which airs Saturday, a project that brings the music icon to tears. “This movie has healed me in so many ways. It makes me want to cry,” she admits, going on to add, “I’m sorry. I’m very passionate about it, and it just feels good.”

And while Beyoncé’s hard at work these days “tweaking” her next album, she knows she doesn’t “have to please anyone.” “I feel free. I feel like I’m an adult. I’m grown. I can do what I want,” she says. “I can say what I want. I can retire if I want. That’s why I’ve worked hard.”


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