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Beyonce Still Not Pregnant; Site Keeps Shooting Blanks

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By Daniel Gates


Last month, scooped the world with the “exclusive” news that Beyonce is pregnant.

And the site was completely wrong.

Ah, but “Media Fake Out” doesn’t give up so easily.

Hence, posts both yesterday and today showing photos of the superstar with husband Jay-Z and hinting (again) at a pregnancy it refuses to admit doesn’t exist.

“Gee… we wonder why Beyonce is so self conscious about her belly,” MediaTakeOut wrote yesterday, above pictures showing her touching her jacket. “We’ve NEVER seen her try and hide her belly before. Hmmm…”

Hmmm… Gossip Cop is pretty sure we’ve seen non-pregnant women put their hands in the vicinity of their abdomens before.

MediaTakeOut offers even more startling “evidence” that a baby’s on board today, with photos of Beyonce not just carrying a bag in front of her, but also (gulp!) wearing flats!

Yes, it’s another MTO universal truth: If a woman is wearing flats, she must be pregnant.

At least that’s what the site would like you to believe.

Gossip Cop has a different “take.”

MediaTakeOut was wrong two weeks ago. It’s wrong now. And it just won’t give up.


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