LISTEN: Beyonce’s New Song “Ring Off” Is About Her Parents — NOT Jay Z

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Beyonce Ring Off Lyrics

By Shari Weiss


Beyonce Ring Off Lyrics

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Beyoncé’s new song “Ring Off” is about her parents, NOT her own relationship with Jay Z, despite what some sensational outlets are reporting. The track surfaced online Thursday, along with another new song called “7/11.” Both are the only new music to be featured on the Beyonce Platinum Edition Box Set, which is a two-CD, two-DVD deluxe version of the superstar’s self-titled blockbuster album, debuting on November 24. Listen below.

Like the misinformed articles earlier this month that claimed Beyoncé was releasing an entirely new album (not true), there is inaccurate information being spread about “Ring Off.” With lyrics such as “I don’t know how I got here/I was once the one who had his heart” and “Until you had enough, then you took that ring off/You took that ring off/So tired of the lies and trying and fighting and crying,” the rumor mill went into overdrive claiming the song is about the state of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage.

Us Weekly, for instance, said “Ring Off” is “reigniting rumors that the superstar and husband Jay Z are enduring marriage problem behind closed doors.” The Daily Mail similarly wrote the song “has once again started the whispers that not all is fine with music’s power couple.” HollywoodLife ridiculously said the song was “making the world assume that something may be wrong in her marriage,” even going as far as declaring that it “doesn’t bode well” for Beyoncé-Jay Z fans. And RadarOnline absurdly said that “Ring Off” could prove the couple was putting on an “act” at Solange’s wedding last weekend.”

In actuality, the song is about Beyoncé’s mom Tina, whom she even addresses at the beginning of the track, singing, “Mama, I understand your many sleepless nights/When you sit and you think about Father/Or how you tried to be the perfect wife.” The song goes on to share Beyonce’s admiration for her mom picking herself up and becoming stronger than ever, with the performer singing, “Always know that you’ve got a daughter/That’s so, so proud you took the high road.” Beyoncé’s mother can even be heard doing the song’s outro, saying, “If you’re going through it just know it’s called ‘going through it.’ You’re not gonna get stuck there, you’re not gonna die. You’re gonna survive.” As has been well-documented, Tina and Mathew Knowles’ marriage ended in disaster several years ago, and it’s since been revealed he fathered at least one child out of wedlock.

The song’s meaning and purpose couldn’t get any more obvious, but, once again, less-than-reputable publications rather peddle blatantly false speculation than deliver the truth. Listen to “Ring Off,” as well as “7/11,” below, and tell us what you think.

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