Benji Madden Calls Out Media Outlets That “Twist” Interviews For “Cheap Web Hits”

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By Michael Lewittes



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Benji Madden is rightfully annoyed with a number of media outlets like E! and Us Weekly that took his perfectly appreciative remark, “We’re lucky guys,” during a radio interview with his brother Joel Madden, and “twist” it into a piece about… Cameron Diaz.


Here’s what happened.

The Good Charlotte rockers were doing an interview with an Australian radio show when, at a certain point, the hosts baitingly said to the two brothers, “You’re both in love… Both got girls. Both got chicks and stuff.”

Joel, married to Nicole Richie and a father of two, replied, “Life is good, man,” and then Benji innocently added, “We’re lucky guys!”

Well, that was enough for E! to blare that Benji “confirmed he and Cameron Diaz are officially in a relationship.”

And Us Weekly virtually exploded with the headline, “Benji Madden Says He’s ‘Lucky’ To Be Dating Cameron Diaz.”

No, he never said anything about Diaz.

The successful musician simply said he and his brother were “lucky guys.”

Early Wednesday morning, Benji justly tweeted, “When media take interviews&twist them into stories to get cheap web hits-don’t let it get to U-just remember the music and stay positive.”

Gossip Cop, which spends its days and nights calling out the media for twisting stories, applauds Benji Madden.


Check out video of the interview below, and see how Benji did NOT mention Diaz at all.

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