Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Fake “Marriage Crisis!” Invented By Magazine

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By Daniel Gates


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are in the midst of a “marriage crisis!” declares Star. The tabloid’s new cover alleges that Affleck was “caught cheating” and has slipped “back into [a] dangerous addiction;” claims the couple had an “explosive fight” in Las Vegas; and implies that a “$150 million” split is imminent. It’s all gross, bogus sensationalism.

According to the tabloid, which has embarrassed itself with false predictions of an Affleck-Garner breakup for years, the “real story” behind the couple’s recent trip to Las Vegas is that their marriage is in trouble. “Jen demanded to go to Vegas with Ben because she doesn’t trust him — and he felt like he had no choice but to take her,” a so-called “insider” tells the outlet, later adding, “Jen and Ben’s marriage has been extremely shaky over recent months.”

Star explains that Affleck’s work schedule means Garner is left alone too often, and that with his “history of gambling and alcohol abuse, Jennifer feels like she has to keep an eye on her husband, in addition to their three kids.” “It’s all really taking a toll on her… He’s great with the kids when he’s around, but he and Jen barely talk at home — and when they do, it always turns into an argument,” the “insider” says to the magazine.cStar then turns Affleck’s recent casino card counting blackjack incident at the Hard Rock Casino into a major marriage crisis.

When the couple returned to their hotel room, says a “friend” whom Star apparently wants everyone to believe was in the suite with them, “things became worse.” “She screamed at him, telling him he needed to quit gambling for good. But he told her that he’s a grown man and will do what he wants. Neither of them backed down for a good 15 minutes. Finally, Jen just went to bed,” explains the alleged source, who then must have quietly tiptoed out of the room.

The “insider” tells the tabloid, “She’s always wanted to trust him, but his shady past always has her on pins and needles” — and that Garner tagged along to Vegas because she wanted to make sure he didn’t stray. Of course, the “cheating” Star refers to on its cover is a total bait-and-switch. The magazine has no evidence whatsoever of Affleck actually cheating.

Instead, it lamely refers to old rumors of Affleck “getting cozy” with actress Hayley Atwell — at a party in 2008 — as well as his supposed “flirting with a hot model” at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. It’s all the sad, desperate attempt of an out-of-touch tabloid to take the story about Garner and Affleck being in Las Vegas and turn it into a fight-filled referendum on their marriage, despite a total lack of proof or specifics.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the entire report is “made up” as an excuse to do a cover story, adding, “It’s all so dumb.” Meanwhile, a source close to Garner tells Gossip Cop that their marriage is as happy as ever.

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