Batkid Begins Documentary Trailer Released – WATCH VIDEO

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batkid begins documentary trailer

By Michael Lewittes


batkid begins documentary trailer

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The official trailer for Batkid Begins, the documentary about five-year-old Miles Scott who beat leukemia and became Batkid, has been released on Thursday. As Gossip Cop reported, thousands of volunteers helped turn San Francisco into Gotham in 2013, so that Scott’s wish to become “the real Batman” could come true, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Now, much of the behind-the-scenes can be seen in the new documentary. See the video below.

“One of his doctors told us that with his disease, they just become like a fighter,” Scott’s father said in the documentary’s trailer. “They fight for life, and so I think he sees the good vs. evil battle in superheros.” Scott’s parents waited until the end of his cancer treatment to send his wish “to be the real Batman” to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. One of the foundation’s volunteers put a posting about the wish on social media, and the request to help make it come true went viral.

The trailer shows the crowd of thousands that showed up to watch Batkid (and an adult Batman sidekick) drive around in a real-life batmobile and fight crime, with actors dressed up as the familiar Batman villains. President Obama even thanked Scott for saving “Gotham” in a video that was included in the documentary. Batkid Begins will be released in select theaters on June 26.

Watch the heartwarming trailer below for Batkid Begins, and tell us what you think.

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