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Barbara Walters did not force Elisabeth Hasselbeck apology

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By Michael Lewittes


PopEater‘s “Naughty But Nice” column claims Barbara Walters “forced” Elisabeth Hasselbeck to apologize on-air after Hasselbeck controversially blurted on “The View” that Erin Andrews’ peeping stalker could’ve avoided jail time had he waited to watch the ESPN reporter scantily clad on “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to PopEater, “The apology was more Barbara Walters‘ idea than Elisabeth’s,” because “Barbara knew that an apology on ‘The View’ would be a ratings gold mine.”

What’s more, PopEater reports that while Hasselbeck agonized over her statements, she “reached out to a pal in her time of need, and you won’t believe who it is: Sarah Palin.”

Actually, you shouldn’t believe any of this.

Gossip Cop looked into this story and…

Here’s what’s right: Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are both on “The View.”

Here’s what’s wrong: Everything else.

Walters did NOT “force” Hasselbeck to apologize.

A source involved with the show tells Gossip Cop the decision to publicly make amends to Andrews was entirely Hasselbeck’s, and she was genuinely sorry when she tearfully apologized for what she termed her “reckless words.”

A rep for the show further confirmed that the PopEater story is “absolutely 100 percent fabricated,” and that Walters “had nothing to do with it.”

And as for the contention that Palin was consulted before Hasselbeck’s apology, you betcha… that’s also completely untrue. 

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