Bad Week: Gossip Cop Busts Out-Of-Control Tabloid Cover Lies

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce

By Shari Weiss

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce

(In Touch)

It was a banner week for the tabloids, and not in a good way. OK!, Life & Style, In Touch, Star, and the National Enquirer all published cover stories that were either grossly misleading, wrong, or flat-out made up. And Gossip Cop corrected every single one within hours of the issues hitting newsstands.

Let’s be blunt: It’s ridiculous that these magazines happily take the public’s money while spreading totally fabricated “news” while refusing to adhere to the basic tenets of journalism. There’s no shame or accountability, nor is there any consideration either for the celebrities whose private lives are twisted and exploited, or the consumers whose hard-earned cash is being spent on lies.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s tabloid travesties:

OK! provided the most laughably false cover, declaring, “Tom & Lindsay: It’s On!,” and claiming Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan were “caught hooking up” in London. The outlet went further than just saying the pair were secretly seeing each other. It sensationally said on its cover that Lohan had “secret ‘auditions’ to be his wife,” while inside the magazine the story was actually talking about the actress’ supposed interest in auditioning to play Cruise’s onscreen love interest… in Mission: Impossible 3… in 2005. In actuality, the entire OK! dating premise was a “lie,” Lohan’s rep told Gossip Cop exclusively. Lohan’s spokesperson even revealed to us that she told the tabloid that its story was wrong and laughable, and yet the magazine still chose to run it.

Life & Style ran a ridiculous cover story about an alleged feud between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth, and it sadly wasn’t the first time the magazine tried spreading such nonsense. In this installment, the tab had “Sick, Pregnant & Tormented By Queen” blared on the cover, and claimed that Middleton was being “bullied” and “humiliated” by the Queen, who supposedly thought the princess’ debilitating morning sickness wasn’t a big deal and that Duchess of Cambridge needed to just “step up to the plate.” Of course, Life & Style has yet to break a major royal story, and this time was no different. While a spokeswoman for the Duchess wouldn’t comment, a palace insider told Gossip Cop exclusively, the Life & Style was “not correct.”

In Touch blared on its cover, “Kim’s Nightmare: Divorce Battle Over Baby North,” alleging Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed toward “the dirtiest divorce ever.” The accompanying story was filled with nothing more than out of touch speculation that falsely claimed the couple was battling over where to live, and vowing to each fight for custody of their daughter, should they split. A rep for Kardashian exclusively told Gossip Cop that the article was not only false, but also noted that the magazine didn’t even bother trying to fact-check its story with Kardashian’s team.

Star published a misleading cover story designed to make readers think Ashton Kutcher had just been “Caught In Bed With Another Woman,” right after Mila Kunis gave birth to their first child. The magazine’s cover, however, failed to tell readers that Kutcher’s supposed rendezvous with a woman named Linn Massinger occurred more than two years ago, in June 2012, well before the “Two and a Half Men” star and Kunis began exclusively dating. Again: Star was trying to trick people into thinking Kutcher had just gotten caught having sex with another woman behind Kunis’ back. It was shameless, manipulative, and absolutely false.

The National Enquirer cover announced a “$300 Million Divorce” for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even used a made-up quote from the actor on the cover, in which he supposedly told his wife, “I’ve had enough!” The supermarket tabloid alleged Douglas “walked out” on Zeta-Jones after a “massive fight” surrounding their mutual birthday at the end of September. But despite the definitiveness of the Enquirer cover, it was more of a bait-and-switch, with the actual story claiming Douglas was “preparing himself for the possibility of a $300 million divorce in 2015.” How convenient for the magazine, which is banking on readers forgetting about its claims by the time the new year rolls around. Perhaps the publication will attempt to dig itself out of the hole it created via a new article about how the couple supposedly called off its (made up) divorce. Both are awful, as is this week’s National Enquirer story, which a rep for Douglas exclusively slammed to Gossip Cop as “ridiculous.” A Zeta-Jones rep further assured us there’s “no trouble” between the stars.

These are all examples of what Gossip Cop does on a daily basis: investigating, reporting, and holding the tabloids accountable for their mistakes. Stick with us as we continue to separate faction from fiction. Our goal is simple: to insert the truth into the Internet echo chamber before tabloid lies take hold.

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