Bachelorette Recap: Guys Take Lie Detector Tests, Andi and Cody Play Romeo & Juliet in Verona, Two Suitors Sent Home

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On the latest episode of “The Bachelorette,” Andi Dorfman and her eight remaining suitors said au revoir to France as they headed to Italy for romantic dates in Venice and Verona, as well as a group date that revolved around lie detector tests.

This was the week that you really didn’t want to be stuck on a date with the other guys.

But, before forcing six of her suitors to spill their dirty little secrets, Dorfman had Nick join her for a day in Venice.

Dorfman told the cameras that she chose Nick because she still had lingering questions after he admitted to mocking Cody last week.

Many of the contestants were shocked that Nick scored a second 1-on-1 date.

After briefly discussing what had happened the week before, the two enjoyed a gondola ride.

They followed local legend and kissed under the Bridge of Sighs to ensure they would be granted eternal love.

Later that night, Dorfman and Nick wore formal attire for a dinner that soon turned serious. Nick said he felt hurt after the guys called him arrogant. When Dorfman asked if saw himself as the “front runner,” Nick said he didn’t like the word. He explained that he probably seemed overconfident because he felt so strongly about their connection.

Dorfman was moved that he not only owned up to what the other guys were complaining about, but that he also admitted to falling in love with her.

“The Bachelorette” gifted him a rose.

They then put on masks for a private masquerade ball in the courtyard, where they ended the night in each other’s arms.

The next day, Dorfman received a third letter from her secret admirer before she met the other guys.

On the group date, her suitors were stunned to find out that they would be taking lie detector tests.

Dorfman volunteered to go first, and the guys were on edge as they waited for her to be done.

While most of the men were asked if they were there for the right reasons, Dylan fessed up to sleeping with more than 20 women and not washing his hands after he went to the bathroom.

He eventually left the date because he didn’t feel well.

The polygraph also proved that Chris was her secret admirer.

After all the tests were taken, it was revealed that Dorfman had lied twice. According to the lie detector, she didn’t truly believe that all the guys were there for the right reasons.

Although she knew that some guys told up to three lies, she tore up the results.

At the cocktail hour, Dorfman spent some quality time with Brian and Marcus.

Dorfman questioned why Josh was so upset about taking the polygraph test during their time together. This made her wonder if Josh really was hiding something from her.

Part of her wished that she read the results.

Chris finally confessed to being her secret admirer, and Dorfman wasn’t remotely surprised. She was happy to see his romantic side, and the two shared a kiss.

She gave Chris a rose at the end of the group date.

After the guys congratulated Chris, JJ had an outburst and said they shouldn’t be happy for one another. He admitted that it was getting too hard to see the other guys “successes.”

Cody joined Dorfman in Verona, the birth place of Romeo and Juliet. The two headed to Juliet’s courtyard, where they reenacted the Shakespearean play’s famous balcony scene.

Later, during the dinner portion of their date, he shared his own personal love letter to Andi. He continued to come on strong, and Dorfman broke down in tears because she didn’t feel the same way.

Dorfman said she couldn’t wait till the hometown dates to hurt him. She sent him home believing that it was the right thing to do. Cody took it like a man, and told her that he knows “you can’t always get what you want.”

At the cocktail hour, Nick angered the other guys when he immediately took Dorfman away for some stolen kisses even though he already had a rose. Dorfman, on the other hand, was charmed by his ballsy move.

The men really stepped up their games before the rose ceremony.

Dylan took it upon himself to interrupt her time with Nick. Marcus confessed his love for her. JJ leaned in for an awkward kiss, and Brian read her a poem.

Josh and Dorfman continued their previous conversation about the lie detector test, but he assured her that she wasn’t headed for heartbreak.

After a private pow wow with Chris Harrison, Dorfman concluded the rose ceremony by sending JJ home.

Dorfman took JJ outside before he left to explain her reasoning behind sending home, and although he was upset, he said he was glad that she didn’t lead him on.

In the limo, JJ said it hurts when your heart is wrong.

The eliminations were clearly starting to weigh on Dorfman, who put on a brave face to tell the guys they were next going to Brussels.

What do you think of Dorfman’s decision?

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