Bachelorette Recap: Andi Dorfman Fights With Eric Hill, Contestant Who Later Died

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By Michael Lewittes


Andi Dorfman and her 13 remaining suitors headed to Connecticut for the second part of ABC’s special two day “Bachelorette” event. There was a steam train ride, a concert, and a basketball game where the winners were granted another opportunity to win Dorfman’s heart. But the episode ended with an unexpected confrontation that no one saw coming. More about that below.

Dylan received the first 1-on-1 date, and the two got to know one another better while aboard a romantic steam train ride. Things got serious when Dylan revealed to Dorfman that both his sister and his brother died from drug overdoses. After telling his emotional story, Dylan insisted that he didn’t want her to keep him around just because she felt bad for him. Dorfman said she was moved that Dylan could be so open before presenting him with a rose.

For the group date, Dorfman enlisted members of the WNBA to school the guys on the basketball court before they were split into two teams. The winners of the basketball game would be granted extra time with the “Bachelorette.” The assistant district attorney was “totally turned on” by their competitive spirit. The red team kicked it into overdrive after a tied first half to defeat the white team. Later, the winning team met Dorfman for drinks, while the losers were left sulking in the hotel.

During the date, she took Eric aside because she was concerned that their relationship was stalling, and he agreed. Eric, who tragically died in a paragliding accident after filming the show, opened up about his family and the difficulties he faced when he left the religion he had grown up with. Their honest conversation convinced her that they were back on track.

Dorfman was smitten by basketball coach Brian, who wowed her by making a half court shot. Unfortunately, when it came to their first kiss, he choked and left her hanging. Although the “Bachelorette” found herself in Nick V.’s arms for a make out session, Brian received the rose at the end of the night. For her second 1-on-1 date, Dorfman faced her fear of heights and scaled a 30-story building with Marcus.

Marcus literally talked a panicked Dorfman off of the ledge. Although he later admitted he was terrified, Marcus knew he had to be “the man”and stay calm for his date’s sake. The two shared a kiss when they made it to the bottom. Dorfman took Marcus to the oldest working inn in America for the second half of their date where she presented him with a rose as a reward for showing his “protective instinct” earlier in the day. They then took moved their date to the Mohegan Sun Casino, where they danced and kissed on a stage at a crowded Jon Pardi concert. Marcus confessed he was falling in love with Dorfman.

The next day Dorfman received a love letter from a “secret admirer,” who remained a mystery throughout the episode. At the rose ceremony, Brian took Dorfman back to the basketball court where he confessed he regretted not making a move before, and the two shared a passionate first kiss. Eric took Dorfman aside and accused her of not always being her true self with him, calling her a “TV actress.” Dorfman broke down in tears after he said she wasn’t being natural and that she often had a “poker face.”

Dorfman said she it wasn’t going to work between them because she couldn’t fight for someone who didn’t believe in her. The assistant district attorney was so angry and upset that she lashed out at the group before storming out, and Eric left the dramatic rose ceremony early. Instead of airing the elimination, Chris Harrison and Dorfman honored Eric by discussing his role on the show.

“Unfortunately, we don’t get to have that last conversation, and that’s a tough pill to swallow,” Dorfman said of Eric. Harrison sent his deepest condolences to Eric’s family and friends on behalf of “The Bachelor” family. It is later revealed that Tasos was the one who was sent home.

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