The Bachelorette Recap: Men Compete For “Mr. America” Title, 2 Suitors Get Booted


By Michael Lewittes



Desire Hartsocks “Bachelorette” suitors went competed in a “Mr. America” competition on Monday’s episode, and the pageant was every bit as cheesy and wonderful as one could imagine.

The 11 guys were judged on their interview, talent and (of course) the swimsuit competition, in front of a live audience in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

As Mikey T. put it, “We’re all competitors, so we all want this.”

So, who nabbed the title?

Casey was crowned “The Bachelorette’s Mr. America,” making Mikey T. and Zak W. feel they were “robbed.”

After the contest, the group had a pool party, and Hartsock got to spend some alone time with Chris, who read her a poem in the water. Naturally.

However, the rose went to Zak W.

Before the group date, Hartsock had a one-on-one date with single dad Brad, which included a walk on the beach and some very strained conversation over dinner.

Hartsock did not give Brad a rose because she felt that “something was missing” in their interactions.

She also had a one-on-one date with James, in which the two toured the Hurricane Sandy damage in the Jersey Shore.

After Hartsock and James met an older couple named Jan and Manny who spent their wedding anniversary in a shelter due to the storm, the reality stars decided to give their romantic dinner date to the older duo.

The couple were beyond excited, especially because Manny had never been in a limo before.

During Hartsock and James’ date, he revealed he had cheated on his college girlfriend. Hartsock was disappointed, but grateful for his honestly. At the end of the evening, she gave him a rose.

Zack K. was not so lucky, getting eliminated at the rose ceremony.

What did you think of Monday’s episode?

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