Bachelorette Recap: Desiree Has Hometown Dates, Makes Surprising Elimination

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By Michael Lewittes


(Us Weekly)

It was hometown date night on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” with Desiree Hartsock traveling to meet the families of her four remaining suitorsBrooks, Chris, Zak and Drew.


Hartsock first went to visit Zak’s family in Dallas, where the pair hopped in a snow cone truck and served children at the local elementary school.

Zak put on a penguin suit and danced for the kids, making Hartsock think he’d make a great dad.

Hartsock said his family was “a lot of fun” and his mother said she and Zak were “amazing” together.

The brood then dedicated a song to their guest, singing to Hartsock, “Oh, Desiree, now we can see / Your place among our family.”

The reality star was extremely touched by the gesture, and even shed a few tears.

Zak proceed to give Hartsock a “promise” ring, and told her he loved her.

The Bachelorette then traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Drew’s family.

Drew first introduced Hartsock to his sister, who has severe developmental disabilities.

Hartsock was impressed with how “sweet and tender” he was with his sister, and called his entire family “phenomenal.”

“I want to join Drew’s family right now,” she told the camera.

Drew also told Hartsock he loved her.

Next up was Chris’ hometown visit, which the pair began with a picnic on a local baseball diamond where the former minor league player for the Chicago Cubs used to play ball.

Chris’ family was very fond of Hartsock, but the bridal stylist felt a bit awkward when his chiropractor dad examined her back.

Overall, the date went well, and Chris also told Hartsock he loved her.

Hartsock then visited Brooks’ clan in Salt Lake City, where the family was adorably waiting for with name tags on their shirts!

The Bachelorette grilled Brooks’ mother on whether she thought her son was ready to get married, asking his mom what kind of a husband and father he would be.

His mom thought the pair was very “compatible,” and gave both Brooks and Hartsock her support.

But Brooks did not say he loved Hartsock, whereas she had previously confessed to Chris Harrison that she was in love with him.

Still, Hartsock’s final encounter was her most difficult.

She had to talk to her brother Nate — who notoriously botched her hometown date with Sean Lowe on “The Bachelor” — about how he was going to treat her remaining two men in the coming weeks.

Hartsock revealed she hadn’t seen her brother since he “screwed up” her date with Lowe, and told him she was not sure if she could “trust” him to meet her suitors this time around.

However, Nate promised to be respectful to the guys and not embarrass her on national TV again.

Hartsock then had to eliminate one of the men during the rose ceremony, and broke down in tears when it came time to make the decision.

In the end, she sent Zak home.

Check out videos from Hartsock’s dates with Zak and Brooks below.

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