The Bachelor Recap: Tierra and AshLee Duke It Out + Surprising Elimination


By Michael Lewittes



The heat was turned way up on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” with Sean Lowe and six remaining ladies traveling to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The show began with Lowe taking AshLee on a one-on-one date, during which he asked her why everyone in the house disliked Tierra — and she again informed him of what the other women have been telling him all along. AshLee explained to Lowe that Tierra was miserable and rude to the other women, and seemed to be an all-round unhappy person. Later, over a romantic dinner on the beach, AshLee revealed she got married at age 17, and was divorced a year later. She also told Lowe she was in love with him, and he confessed to the camera, “I could see myself ending up with AshLee.”

Next up was his one-on-one date with Tierra, during which he again confronted her about her issues with the other ladies. Lowe asked Tierra if she would behave differently with the women if she could start all over again, and she responded in a characteristically delusional way. The 24-year-old said, “These girls aren’t gonna be around for much longer.” Lowe was taken aback, but he warmed up to Tierra again when she later confessed she was falling in love with him.

The Bachelor then took Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay on a group date, which consisted of a road trip across St. Croix. Lindsay received the only rose of the week, meaning she’s ensured a hometown date with Lowe next week.

Lesley and Lowe had the next one-on-one date, which was a bit of a snore. Lowe was disappointed she was not more forward with him, and felt their relationship was moving at far too slow a pace.

His sister Shay then appeared in St. Croix, and advised her brother to not pick “that” girl whom everyone dislikes. Lowe decided to introduce Tierra to Shay to see what she thought of her. He went to retrieve her — but little did he know that meanwhile, Tierra and AshLee were going at it inside the hotel. Tierra confronted AshLee for “sabotaging” her connection with Lowe, and AshLee responded that Tierra simply has a bad “character.” Tierra defended herself by saying, “Girls are jealous! Men love me!” Of course.

AshLee went on to tell Tierra that she was constantly giving dirty looks and raising her eyebrows at the other women, to which Tierra shot back, “I can’t help it. I can’t control my eyebrow!” Eventually, Lowe walked in and saw Tierra crying, and finally decided to send the “emotional mess” home. Tierra remained delusional to the very end, saying to the camera, “I can’t believe they [the women] did this to me!” Still, she told herself, “Nobody will take my sparkle away.” Aww. But don’t fear: Tierra will likely be back in our lives for the next season of “Bachelor Pad.”

Anyhow, this week’s rose ceremony was the most tense one yet, with AshLee fearing she may be sent home because of her drama with Tierra. In the end, Lowe eliminated Lesley. Next week, Lowe will have hometown dates with the remaining four girls — Catherine, AshLee, Desiree and Lindsay.


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