Bachelor Recap: The Girls Hate “Catty” Nikki; Juan Pablo Eliminates Two Ladies

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By Michael Lewittes




The drama picked up a notch on episode four of “The Bachelor,” with Juan Pablo Galavis and the women traveling to Seoul, South Korea for pop dancing, exotic food and of course, cat fights!

First off was the group date, where Galavis and six of the women had to learn a dance routine from “K-pop” group “2NE1.”

Later, they all performed as backup dancers at the band’s live concert.

Kat was thriving during the show, whereas Nikki was miserable because she “sucks” at dancing.

Chelsie was annoyed that Kat was “trying to steal the spotlight” with her dance moves.

During the cocktail party, the women became annoyed at Nikki, saying she’s “catty” and “negative.”

They were even more angry when she got the group date rose.

After kissing Galavis, Nikki laughed to the camera, “I think everybody hates me right now!”

Sharleen got the only one-on-one date of the episode, during which the pair went shopping and hand lunch in downtown Seoul.

Galavis then had the opera singer perform for him, which was a bit awkward.

Afterwards, they made out, and Sharleen said he was a “great kisser.”

Things got awkward again when Galavis asked her how many kids she wanted, and she admitted she wasn’t ready to have children.

In the end, he said he appreciated her honestly, and gave her a rose.

Galavis even told the camera Sharleen “could be the one.”

The following day, the Bachelor and the six more ladies went to do karaoke in downtown Seoul.

After, they all got fish pedicures, which includes tiny fish eating the dead skin off one’s feet.

The girls became annoyed when Clare got “territorial” with Galavis, and switched seats so she could be next to him.

Things got awkward at the cocktail party when the soccer player said he wasn’t going to kiss any of the women because he didn’t want his daughter to see him (even though he had already kissed six girls in previous episodes).

Lauren broke down in tears when he refused to kiss her — and then he turned around and made out with Clare less than five minutes later.

But the group date rose went to Andi, who shared a funny conversation with Galavis earlier that night.

During the final cocktail reception, the ladies got angry at Nikki again when she interrupted Clare’s one-on-one time with Galavis (even though she already had a rose from the first group date).

Later, Clare told Nikki she “rubbed people the wrong way” and that she acted differently around Galavis.

Nikki was defensive, telling the camera Clare was “threatened” by her.

In the final rose ceremony, Galavis eliminated Elise and Lauren.

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